Leave Of Absence And Fines

Leave Policy for Students

  1. If a student has to avail a leave, a written leave application should be submitted giving genuine cause.

  2. No leave is granted without prior permission of the Principal.

  3. Parents must apply for such leave in writing. Leave should not be taken until permission is granted.

  4. For any leave of absence due to illness beyond two days, an application supported by a medical certificate should be sent to the school. Fitness certificate should be produced on the date of joining.

  5. Pupils absent for a continuous period of six or more working days are liable to have their names struck off.

  6. Students are supposed to attend the school positively after vacation. Absence for more than three days immediately after vacation renders the student liable to disciplinary action.

  7. Students suffering from any contagious or infectious disease are not allowed to attend the school. Leave shall be given as per the doctor’s advice. Also, medical certificate should be attached with the leave. The child must produce medical fitness certificate from a qualified doctor before joining the school after illness.

  8. Students will not be allowed to leave School during working hours. However, in case of an emergency, written permission from Director/Principal is to be sought after producing an application stating the urgency duly signed by the parents.

  9. No half day leave shall be granted to any child unless it is on extremely compassionate grounds.

  10. Students should come to school regularly and punctually and should minimize availing of leave.